Laser 6000 Automatic Fertilizer Dispenser

Introducing the LASER 6000 this innovative solution has the ability to measure, dispense, and deliver fertilizer with 95% accuracy thus reducing chemical usage dramatically. Field trials have proven to be more successful than anticipated with an average savings of up to $75/acre per application over band or broadcast applicators.


Each side can dispense exact amounts of chemical from 2 oz. to 12oz in 2oz increments as per customer requirements


Our robust adjustable dispensing head has been designed with all the adjustment required to dispense the fertilizer into the root-zone (18” – 24” diameter area around the trunk.)

HOPPER (capacity: 600 lbs of fertilizer)

We have a stirring feature in our hopper that keeps the fertilizer from clumping for seamless dispensing. Customers also use the stirring feature to mix in insecticide or other granular chemical treatments, to eliminate the need for multi-pass application.


The Lasers can be adjusted to sense the base of the plant, the top of the plant, or the middle of a plant depending on the specific plant and configuration.

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Laser 6000 fertilizer


Standard Features

  • Automatic sensing of trees, to deposit the fertilizer batch right at the base of the root system
  • Variable spreader RPM and angle adjustment to adjust for row spacing
  • Double sided operation to fertilize 2 rows at once with separate spreader controls for each side
  • Heavy duty caster wheels at back of applicator to protect applicator devices
  • Utilizes Hydraulic, PTO and Electric controls for a completely automatic system
  • Easily adjusts from one batch size to another, with the capability of different batches on each side if required


Fertilizer Capacity600 lb (272 kg)
Fertilizer Batch Sizes2-12 fl oz / in 2 fl oz increments
HeightC – 62”(157 cm)
LengthB – 54”(136 cm)
WidthA – 55”(140 cm)
Weight, Empty1050 lb (477 kg)
DC Voltage12 VDC @ 16 Amps max
Oil Flow7 gallons/min (26 liters/min)
Oil Pressure2000-3000 Psi (135-205 Bar)
Rated 3 Pt Lift Capacity1650 lb (750 kg)
3 Point Hitch ClassClass 1
PTO shaft size1 3/8” 6 Spline
PTO RPM540/960
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