Nursery Supplies

We carry ground cover liners made from material designed to prevent aggressive root trees from rooting in again while in the holding yard. We began testing this product in Western Canada in 2007. Our customers are very pleased with the results. These liners save time, labour, and money by preventing roots from taking hold, making it difficult to remove dug trees later in the season.

We carry tree tarps made with premium quality mesh to effectively protect your trees during transport.

Hog Ring Staples are indispensable, offering reliable and low cost fastening.  Order these supplies conveniently from Ground Keepers Friend. 2500 per box. Staples are available in galvanized steel and can be applied with pneumatic tools or hand pliers.

The Tree Stabilizer is another great invention, an innovative wind protection for pot-in-pot systems! They are easy to install, reusable, and environmentally friendly. Several sizes are available, from#5 – #65 pots. Request a quote today!

Used for tying the wire ears of the basket tight across the top of the root ball. Mule tape has a “silk like finish” that reduces rub burn while handling the tape.

  • 5/8″ Mule Tape (25 lbs Roll – approx. 2,500′)